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Insight Timer Pro: Discounted

Up for a Challenge?

This course is all about teaching wellness practitioners make a passive income and a positive difference. I get wellness practitioners like you established and earning by helping build your profile to profits on Insight Timer. So if you are a wellness practitioner or teacher looking to leave the grind behind them and start earning money remotely and on their own terms and pasively then this course is for you. It’s not an easy, but it is more effieceint! I’m going to show you how to plan, create, produce, post and start making money on insight timer in 5 easy steps. Drawing from my 2 years on the platform I’ll show you how I turned $13 a month into $1000 a month in just 8 months. I’ll show you all the tricks of the trade that help you make your skill a business and how you can leverage the internet to make it your full-time job and make money even when you’re sleeping.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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