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Inisght Timer Masterclass

Up for a Challenge?

Insight Timer is an incredible platform, but so many people either don't know about it or have a hard time making decent money from it. In this video you will learn all the secrets I used to increase my earnings by 150 times in 12 months. Lots of great tips about Insight Timer inside. Ready to make $1000 a month? Join my course to speed up your journey! Insight Timer is an online platform that helps meditation teachers, spiritual healers, yoga teachers, tarot card readers, podcasters, motivational speakers and everything in between make a passive income and a positive difference. However, there is a server lack of information about how to make a decent living on the app. In this live webinar, I show you everything that is needed to make $1000 a month on Insight timer. A passive income is such a treat and this is a rare opportunity for spiritual teachers to earn it. This type of revenue is rarely available to meditation teachers, but with the right tools you could be doing it!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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